Friday, July 31, 2009

John Larroquette is Having an Inspiring Day!

John Larroquette read a really nice poem!

The bear’s fur Is gentle but His eye is not: It burns our Way, while He walks right And left, back And forth, before Us: he Looks, and we Look, and his Hot eye Stings out From the dark hive Of his head Like a fierce Furious Bee.
-- Valerie Worth

John Larroquette, probably most famous for his love of literature, read a really inspiring poem yesterday. He reportedly decided to start the day off right by reading a poem. After reading it he felt compelled to write some poetry of his own. He was unsuccessful, however, and labored over it until later on that day. He then stopped because he had to leave and go settle some manners at court. At night. But we're sure he still felt inspired! How wonderful, John!

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