Friday, July 31, 2009

John Larroquette is Having an Inspiring Day!

John Larroquette read a really nice poem!

The bear’s fur Is gentle but His eye is not: It burns our Way, while He walks right And left, back And forth, before Us: he Looks, and we Look, and his Hot eye Stings out From the dark hive Of his head Like a fierce Furious Bee.
-- Valerie Worth

John Larroquette, probably most famous for his love of literature, read a really inspiring poem yesterday. He reportedly decided to start the day off right by reading a poem. After reading it he felt compelled to write some poetry of his own. He was unsuccessful, however, and labored over it until later on that day. He then stopped because he had to leave and go settle some manners at court. At night. But we're sure he still felt inspired! How wonderful, John!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fred Durst is Having a Fun Day!

Fred Durst had a great time at Legoland!

It was either his way or the highway, and Durst's way meant building Legos at Legoland! He did get a little upset, however, when there weren't enough brown legos to build a big chocolate starfish. Luckily he didn't get angry and break stuff.

Fred Durst had a lot of fun at Legoland yesterday! Our insiders tell us that Durst seemed to be enjoying himself while constructing many things made out of - you guessed it- legos. His personal favorite? A giant red Yankee baseball cap he made out of legos. Wow, that's amazing. Keep up the creative work and keep on having fun, Fred Durst!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

French Stewart is Having an Awesome Day!

French Stewart bought a cool new pair of sunglasses!

Stewart's sunglasses may be pretty cool, but let's hope they don't cover his dazzling eyes too much.

Nothing's more important to have in the summertime than a nice new pair of sunglasses, and French Stewart can sure agree! Stewart bought himself a really cool pair of shades yesterday, our insiders report. He tried on a few pairs [some just for laughs - what a jokester!] then finally settled on a pair he liked best. Our reporters tell us that he seemed really pleased with the pair of sunglasses he purchased, reportedly saying that they "made him look cool". Good for you French Stewart, America's new King of Cool!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Danny Bonaduce is Having an Awesome Day!

Danny Bonaduce went for a great walk today!

Danny gets so into his walks it's almost like he's walking on air. Then he usually punches air in the face until he's back on his feet again.

Danny Bonaduce was spotted going for an invigorating stroll earlier today. Our insiders tell us he started off at a leisurely pace, then built up to a jog before settling on powerwalking. When he finished his walk he reportedly appeared "out of breath, but very refreshed". Wow, there's nothing better than a nice stroll on a beautiful day. Live it up, Bonaduce!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Levar Burton is Having a Lucky Day!

Levar Burton won a game of poker today!

Levar Burton doesn't need a rainbow to know how to read his cards.

Poker enthusiast Levar Burton played a great game of poker today. Playing against a group of four close buddies, Burton blew them all away with his amazing skills and luck of the draw, winning a sum total of whopping $40! Burton later lost $20 in a riveting game of Old Maid, but we can't be winners all the time. Nonetheless, Great Job Levar!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rick Astley is Having a Great Day!

A Special Post Brought to You by

Rick Astley is Still Alive!

Astley's Never Gonna Give Life Up.

Don't believe what you hear, Rick Astley is still alive and well. Whew. Now if that news doesn't just brighten your day, I don't know what will.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dave Coulier is Having a Hysterical Day

Dave Coulier told a really funny joke today!

At the barbeque one of Dave's nephews got a kite caught in a bird's nest. Coulier had to cut it out.

Reporters tell us that while at a family barbeque earlier today, Dave Coulier told a really funny joke. While we're not entirely sure what exactly the joke was, it was reported that it got quite a few chuckles out of some [albeit mildly intoxicated] family members. Nothing better than grilled meats, cold beers, a nice day and Dave Coulier. Good job Joey Gladstone!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Annie Potts is Having a Splendid Day!

Annie Potts found her favorite hat today!

Quite the Designing Woman, Annie likes to accessorize her clothes with fancy hats and an excessive amount of necklaces.

Annie Potts is having a great day! Today she found her favorite hat that had been missing for quite some time. Apparently, Annie had declined going to many an event because her outfit was just not complete without the hat. Our insiders tell us that Potts found the hat in the back of her closet, on the top shelf behind all the hat boxes. How ironic! Well we're glad she's found it. Now with her hat, Potts is reportedly anxious and excited to continue attending star-studded events. Wow, what a splendid day for Annie!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is Having a Super Day!

Jonathan Taylor Thomas grew an inch!

Looks like his height has shown a great home IMPROVEMENT.

Today Jonathan Taylor Thomas (or as he's referred to nowadays -JTT) visited his doctor for a routine check up, and much to his surprise (and delight) he was delivered some wonderful news: He grew a full inch! The rest of his checkup reportedly went fine too. What wonderful news for the JTT!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Joey Lawrence Had a Great Fourth of July!

Joey Lawrence didn't injure himself while shooting off fireworks this year!

Joey Lawrence was reportedly worried that the light shining off his head would deflect the beautiful shine of the fireworks.

We here at Celebs Can Be Happy Too hope you all had a wonderful holiday. And you know who sure did? Joey Lawrence, that's who! This year Lawrence successfully shot off fireworks,M-60s and played with sparklers without ANY injury.Joey Lawrence has reportedly said in the past that he loves fireworks, but hates getting hit in the eye with them. What a great day to be an American! And what an even greater day to be Joey Lawrence!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yolanda Vega is Having a Lucky Day!

Yolanda Vega had a winning scratch-off card!

Vega's not only good at calling numbers, she's great at scratching them too. All that PLUS an awesome name!

Yolanda Vega purchased a scratch-off ticket at a convienence store earlier today. After purchasing it, she promptly played it and to her shock, won $33.00! Of course, because Vega is an employee of the state of New York she can't actually cash it in to redeem her prize, but it's still nice to be a winner! Great Job Yolanda!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Joey Buttafuoco is Having a Terrific Day!

Joey Buttafuoco Bowled a Really Great Game Today!

After his great game, Buttafuoco invited his team over to his house for a Joey Barbaqueco.

Joey Buttafuoco bowled an astounding 150 during a game with his bowling team earlier today. While the team did not end up winning the game, and though 150 isn't the highest score for a bowler, it was a personal best for Buttafuoco. In fact, he was so proud of his score, he bought his whole team drinks [one per person] after! What a champ!